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This article is about the <span style="color:#FF0000">'''2013 Con†Stellation schedule of programming events'''</span>.
This article is about the <span style="color:#FF0000">'''2013 Con†Stellation schedule of programming events'''</span>.

Latest revision as of 15:21, 22 February 2017

Con†Stellation XXXV: Horologium (The Clock)

13–15 October 2017——Huntsville, Alabama

GoH: Mary Robinette Kowal      Artist GoH: David O. Miller      MC: Toni Weisskopf

The final Con†Stellation is over 🙁
We will be transforming this into a history site
Please bear with us as that transition will take some time

This article is about the 2013 Con†Stellation schedule of programming events.

NOTE: While fairly close to final, please check the printed schedule at the convention rather than relying completely on this web version.
Most recent update Saturday evening, October 5, 2013.

Start End Room Title Participants
1600 1700 Patriot Sherlock, Sheilas, and the Seven-Percent Solution
Drug Use in the Victorian Era
S. Osborn
1700 1800 Patriot Wemics, Hovercrafts, and Werewolves, Oh My!
The multi-genre novels of Barrett-Durham and Glover
Durham, Glover
1830 1900 Patriot Opening Ceremony Correia, Miller, S. Osborn (m), D. Osborn
1900 2000 310 Rocket Science (Children’s Program) Breitbach
1900 2030 Patriot Cover Art for Dead Six and Swords of Exodus Miller (m), Correia, Wiesskopf
1900 2100 Lobby II Readings: SF Writers’ Group & Cake Appreciation Society Writers’ Group
2000 2100 310 D. Osborn, KandyKlatsch D. Osborn
2100 2230 Patriot Chairman’s Reception All guests
2200 2300 310 Bill Savage Memorial Cleary (m)
1000 1100 Patriot Melisa Gay Slides Gay
1000 1100 310 Correia, KandyKlatsch Correia
1100 1200 Patriot Writing Action Scenes Correia (m), Hicks, Hayes
1100 1200 310 Miller, KandyKlatsch Miller
1200 1300 Patriot Kurt Miller Slides Miller
1200 1300 310 S. Osborn, KandyKlatsch S. Osborn
1200 1400 Lobby II Painting Demo Gay
1300 1400 Patriot Reading: An hour with Larry Correia
1300 1400 310 D. Osborn shows you how to make balloon animals D. Osborn
1400 1530 Patriot Toni Wiesskopf Slides Wiesskopf
1400 1600 310 Immortal Armor (Children’s Programming) Breitbach
1500 1600 Lobby II Worldbuilding Panel S. Osborn, Correia (m), Durham, Glover
1600 1700 Lobby II GoH Speeches Correia, Miller, D.Osborn, S. Osborn (m)
1700 1800 Patriot Kurt Miller, 3D into 2D Miller
1700 1800 310 Reading Hicks, Hayes
1800 1900 Lobby II Magic Show D. Osborn
1800 1900 Patriot Fusion Propulsion Cassibry
1800 1900 310 Reading Durham
1900 2000 Patriot The Fermi Paradox Revisited S. Osborn (m), Cassibry
1900 2000 310 Reading Glover
2000 2200 Lobby II Art and Charity Auction Cleary
2200 2300 Patriot Reading S. Osborn
1100 1200 310 Science Surprise (Children’s Programming) Breitbach
1100 1300 Lobby II Roundtable: Writing Competent Characters,
Without Making Everything Too Easy
All Guests
1300 1400 Lobby II Joint Autographs All Authors
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