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Welcome to the new website for Con†Stellation, an annual general interest Science Fiction & Fantasy convention in Huntsville Alabama. Con†Stellation (or Con*Stellation) is a fan-run con sponsored by NASFA—the North Alabama Science Fiction Association. The next convention—Con†Stellation XXXI: Perseus—will be October 12-14, 2012. We're still developing this new website, so please bear with us. This page will (eventually ;-) cover most of the basics, with links to more detailed info on various aspects of the convention.


Con†Stellation 2012

Con†Stellation XXXI: Perseus will be October 12-14, 2012 at the Holiday Inn Express located near the intersection of University Drive and Jordan Lane:
3808 University Drive
Huntsville, AL, 35816
Please note that the date is approximately a month later than in previous years.

Registration Rates & Info

See our Registration page for more info.

Adult Membership rate:
$40 through July 22, 2012,
$45 thereafter and through September 30 2012, and
$50 thereafter and at the door.

Child and Young Adult Rates

Rates for younger ages (though 12) are fixed regardless of when they are purchased.
Ages 0 to 3 (as of October 14, 2012): Free
Ages 4 to 12 (as of October 14, 2012): $25
Children not accompanied by an Adult Member will be charged the Young Adult Membership rate.

Young Adult Memberships (students age 13-21) are $5 off the corresponding Adult Membership in effect at the time of purchase. We trust you (we really, really do) but reserve the right to request some proof of student status.

Sending in Your Registrations



We're in the process of inviting guests for 2012. Please check back as we add confirmed guests.


We’re back for our eleventh (!) year at the Holiday Inn Express. The hotel is located near the intersection of University Drive and Jordan Lane in Huntsville, at 3808 University Drive, Huntsville, AL, 35816. Click here for a Google map.

Standard rooms (king or double-double) are $84 (+ taxes), suites are $120 (+ taxes), for 1–4 people per night. For reservations, call 256-721-1000 or toll free 800-345-7720 (which connects directly to this hotel). Mention Con†Stellation to get the convention rate. You must reserve your room by September 12th to be sure of getting the convention rate.

Room Parties

If you're planning a room party please write to or email the general convention address so we can assist in blocking you into the room party area. Mark your request Attention Room Party Coordination. The closer to the convention dates we get the more we love Email.



Art Show



Please check back closer to the convention for information on programming at the con.

Questions? How to Contact Us

Use these methods to contact the convention for registration or to ask a question. Note that we don't currently offer web-based registration/payment so you'll eventually need to mail us a check.

Con*Stellation XXXI: Perseus
P.O.Box 4857
Huntsville AL 35815-4857


Google Voicemail: 256-270-0092

The North Alabama Science Fiction Association sponsors Con†Stellation. To find out how to join this year-round club, or to get in touch with NASFA about any other matter, please visit the NASFA website.


Please check back later for a link to our latest flyer.

Con†Stellation history

NASFA was founded in Huntsville circa 1980 partly as a result of local fans meeting at a one-time convention named MidSouthCon, held in Huntsville that year. (This convention is not directly related to the annual convention of the same name in Memphis, Tennessee.) Club members quickly came up with the idea of starting their own science fiction convention. The first of these was a mini one-day con named ZerCon, in November 1981. While planning and executing ZerCon, the club came up with the name "Con*Stellation" (or "Con†Stellation") for a planned ongoing series of longer (three-day) conventions.<ref name="sfc41"/>

The first Con†Stellation was held July 16–18, 1982, under the full name Con†Stellation I: The Pleiades. The time of year varied over the first few conventions, though at least one has been held each year since. In 1983-1984, the convention made the shift from a spring/summer convention to a fall convention. To aid the transition, a two-day mini-convention was held in December of 1983, thus avoiding an extremely long gap between Con†Stellation II and Con†Stellation III. Because the convention had already started using Roman numerals for numbering the series, the mini-convention was numbered as Con†Stellation II.V, a deliberate, tongue-in-cheek, mix of Roman numerals and place notation from Arabic numerals.<ref name="sfc41"/>

Each Con†Stellation has been subtitled with an astronomical constellation—usually one of the 88 official modern constellations, though the first one was named after a group of stars in Taurus. The convention often uses the constellation as a theme in its advertising and for events at the convention.<ref name="sfc41"/>

Con†Stellation has been held at a number of Huntsville-area hotels over its history. Other than Con†Stellation II.V, each has been a 3-day (Friday to Sunday) event.

Past conventions


Conventions in the Con†Stellation series have also included Con†Stellation VI: Lyra held October 9-11, 1987; Con†Stellation VII: Centaurus held October 21-23, 1988; Con†Stellation VIII: Cetus held October 13-15, 1989; Con†Stellation IX: Sagittarius held October 19-21, 1990; Con†Stellation X: Draco held November 8-10, 1991; Con†Stellation XI: Scorpio held November 6-8, 1992;<ref name="ht11"/> Con†Stellation XII: Orion held November 12-14, 1993; Con†Stellation XIII: Musca held November 4-6, 1994; Con†Stellation XIV: Monoceros held November 3-5, 1995; Con†Stellation XV: Aquila held November 8-10, 1996;<ref name="sfc41"/> Con†Stellation XVI: Eridanus held October 17-19, 1997; Con†Stellation XVII: Hydra held October 9-11, 1998; Con†Stellation XVIII: Lupus held October 29-31, 1999; Con†Stellation XIX: Virgo held October 13-15, 2000; Con†Stellation XX: Camelopardalis October 19-21, 2001; Con†Stellation XXI: Pavo held October 18-20, 2002; Con†Stellation XXII: Pegasus October 10-12, 2003; Con†Stellation XXIII: Delphinus held October 15-17, 2004; Con†Stellation XXIV: Lepus held October 7-9, 2005;<ref name="ht051112"/> and Con†Stellation XXV: Cygnus held October 20-22, 2006.

The 26th convention in the series was Con†Stellation XXVI: Ophiuchus, which was held October 12-14, 2007, at the Huntsville, Alabama, Holiday Inn Express.<ref name="ht071013"/> The Guest of Honor was author Mike Shepherd Moscoe.<ref name="ht071013"/> The Fan Guest of Honor was Pat McAdams[1][2]. The Master of Ceremonies was Dr. Travis S. Taylor. Julie Cochrane, Hugo-nominated editor Lou Anders, and William Drinkard also attended.

The 27th convention in the series was Con†Stellation XXVII: Cassiopeia<ref name="edge">Template:Cite news</ref>, held October 17-19, 2008, in Huntsville, Alabama. The Guest of Honor was Diane Duane.<ref name="ambit">Template:Cite news</ref><ref name="bynkii">Template:Cite web</ref> The Artist Guest of Honor was Bill Holbrook. The Master of Ceremonies was Mike Resnick. Other guests included Peter Morwood and Laura Resnick; plus Lou Anders, Julie Cochrane, William Drinkard, Allan Gilbreath, Les Johnson, Stephanie Osborn, Bill Snodgrass<ref name="billsnodgrass">Template:Cite web</ref>, and Dr. Travis S. "Doc" Taylor; with a musical appearance by Jeff Ugly Shoes & the Cemetery Surfers.

The 28th convention in the series was Con†Stellation XXVIII: Vulpecula, held September 18-20, 2009, at the Holiday Inn Express located near the intersection of University Drive and Jordan Lane in Huntsville, Alabama.

The 29th convention in the series was Con†Stellation XXIX: Leo, held September 17-19, 2010, at the Holiday Inn Express located near the intersection of University Drive and Jordan Lane in Huntsville, Alabama. The Guest of Honor was Wen Spencer. The Artist Guest of Honor was Vincent Di Fate. The Master of Ceremonies was Steve Jackson.<ref name="sjgames">Template:Cite news</ref> The Fan Guest of Honor was Warren Buff. Other guests included Lou Anders, Chris Berman, Mark Fitzgerald, Allan Gilbreath, Les Johnson, Darrel Osborn, Stephanie Osborn, Kimberly Richardson, and Steve White; with a musical appearance by Jeff Ugly Shoes & the Cemetery Surfers.

The 30th convention in the series was Con†Stellation XXX: Corona Borealis, held September 16-18, 2011, at the Holiday Inn Express located near the intersection of University Drive and Jordan Lane in Huntsville, Alabama. The Guest of Honor was Gene Wolfe. The Artist Guest of Honor was Lubov. The Master of Ceremonies was Stephanie Osborn. The Fan Guest of Honor was Gay Haldeman. Special Guest was Joe Haldeman. Other notable guests included Chris Berman, David Drake, Allan Gilbreath, Les Johnson, Darrell Osborn, Kimberly Richardson, Toni Weisskopf, and Karen Zimmerman.

Future conventions

Going forward, the plan is to have each year's Con†Stellaton in October each year. Stay tuned to this website for more info later.

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