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10-AUG-2012 Finished restoring the T-Shirt Retrospective

06-AUG-2012 Began restoring the T-Shirt Retrospective
06-AUG-2012 Enabled workaround for problem creating thumbnail images; should make images in this wiki work more like folks are used to in other wikis (e.g., Wikipedia)

03-AUG-2012 Added Con†Stellation T-Shirts page, including info for pre-ordering shirts
03-AUG-2012 Added 2 new Guests, see Con†Stellation Guests

15-JUL-2012 Added PDF registration form on Con†Stellation Registration page

14-JUL-2012 Added paperwork for selling art on the Art Show page
14-JUL-2012 Updated hotel info—reserve your room Real Soon Now!

14-JUN-2012 Updated flyer version 1.5c, now two-sided

11-JUN-2012 Updated flyer version 1.5a, still one-sided

11-JUN-2012 Changed TOC on main page to float right so more substantive text will show toward top of the page

10-JUN-2012 Marc Gunn added to guest list, including bio & pic

01-MAY-2012 Melissa Gay bio & pic in place

21-APR-2012 Melissa Gay added as Artist Guest of Honor
21-APR-2012 Several Guests added, see Con†Stellation Guests

03-FEB-2012 New Con†Stellation wikified website goes "live" by setting the main page to redirect to the wiki site instead of the old site.

01-FEB-2012 Link to new Con†Stellation wiki site distributed to committee members for comment.

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