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25-JUL-2015 Added registration email address to the Reg area on the main page

24-JUL-2015 Added Sam Flegal (Artist GoH) and Toni Weisskopf (AETA) to list of Guests
24-JUL-2015 Added link to hotel website for room reservations
24-JUL-2015 Posted T-Shirt artwork

28-JUN-2015 Updated the Art Show info on the main page and the Art Show page

25-MAY-2015 Added alternate email address because of problem with bouncing on main address

16-MAY-2015 Added D. Alan Lewis as Also Expected to Attend
16-MAY-2015 Added contact info for Art Show
16-MAY-2015 Added rates for Dealers Room tables

29-MAR-2015 Slightly fleshed out description of upcharge rooms in the hotel section of the Main Page
29-MAR-2015 Added Les Johnson as Also Expected to Attend
29-MAR-2015 Edited the main.css file in wiki/skins//modern to restore a dashed bottom border to level-3 headers (lost when updating wiki version)

code added is:
h3 {
border-bottom: dashed 1px #003366;

28-MAR-2015 Added GoH name and external link to Main Page
28-MAR-2015 Made minor updates to Main Page to emphasize forward-looking stance; also added some art
28-MAR-2015 Added parking info to hotel section of the Main Page

26-OCT-2014 Updated Main Page with basic info for 2015 Con†Stellation

15-MAY-2015 Fairly minor changes to Main Page to clarify that rollover to 2015 is default but there's no deadline (at least yet) to request a refund instead

13-MAY-2014 Site-wide update to announce that the 2014 Con†Stellation is canceled, but we will be back in 2015—refund or rollover of membership offered

04-MAY-2014 Added page for Con†Stellation 2013 history

Info for 2013 Con†Stellation Below

05-OCT-2013 Updated page for Con†Stellation 2013 Programming Schedule

01-OCT-2013 Added page for Con†Stellation 2013 Programming Schedule

28-SEP-2013 Uploaded PDF of Revised (near final) Gaming Schedule and linked it from the Main Page
28-SEP-2013 Updated list of Attractions and Events in Huntsville around the time of 2013 Con†Stellation

11-SEP-2013 Updated Costume Contest info on Main Page

07-SEP-2013 Added gaming info for Artemis
07-SEP-2013 Uploaded PDFs of the current flyer and the "wrapper" for the Mass Mailing have been uploaded here

06-AUG-2013 Uploaded PDF of Preliminary Gaming Schedule and linked it from the Main Page

20-JUL-2013 Added link to flyers on Main Page
20-JUL-2013 Added info on the Costume Contest to the Main Page
20-JUL-2013 Added info on KandyKlasches to the Main Page
20-JUL-2013 Added info on Sci-Quest as our 2013 Charity to the Main Page

11-JUL-2013 Uploaded PDF Registration Form and linked it from the main Con†Stellation Registration page
11-JUL-2013 Uploaded PDF T-Shirt Order Form and linked it from the T-Shirts page

06-JUL-2013 Added L.R. Barrett-Durham and E.G. Glover as Also Attending guests
06-JUL-2013 Finished up bios for several recently added Also Attending guests

05-JUL-2013 Added bio and pic for GoH Larry Correia
05-JUL-2013 Added bio and pic for AGoH Kurt Miller
05-JUL-2013 Added info on Craig's Closet to the Gaming section of the Main Page
05-JUL-2013 Added Toni Weisskopf and Melissa Gay as Also Expected To Attend guests
05-JUL-2013 Updated T-Shirts Page to have 2013 info and linked it from the relevant section of the Main Page

13-APR-2013 Added Kurt Miller as Artist Guest of Honor

02-APR-2013 Added hotel rates & reservation info to Main Page
02-APR-2013 Added Dealers Room rates & info on how to buy tables to Main Page
02-APR-2013 Added preliminary T-Shirt info to Main Page
02-APR-2013 Updated Art Show Page with 2013 info and added link on Main Page

06-MAR-2013 Added Les Johnson as an Also Expected To Attend guest, including bio info on Guests Page

01-MAR-2013 Added Fan GoH Darrell Osborn to Main Page
01-MAR-2013 Inserted initial bio info, including pics, for some guests on Guests Page
01-MAR-2013 Created links from Main Page to available guest bios

27-JAN-2013 Updated Main Page and others to insert initial info for 2013 Con†Stellation
27-JAN-2013 Created page for 2012 History

Info for 2012 Con†Stellation Below

07-OCT-2012 Posted Final Gaming Schedule

06-OCT-2012 Posted Huntsville Area Guide

05-OCT-2012 Posted Revised Program Schedule
05-OCT-2012 Guest update, deleted J.F. Lewis (work conflict)

25-SEP-2012 Posted Preliminary Program Schedule
25-SEP-2012 Guest updates, added Darrell Osborn, deleted Joe Dickerson and Rachael Hill (family conflicts)
25-SEP-2012 Numerous housekeeping updates

18-SEP-2012 Announced Hall Costume Contest as charity fundraising event

12-SEP-2012 Hotel room block extended 6 days

11-SEP-2012 Added links to 2012 Art Show and Print Shop Information letter to Art Show page
11-SEP-2012 Preliminary Gaming Schedule posted

07-SEP-2012 Sci-Quest announced as 2012 Con†Stellation charity
07-SEP-2012 Charity raffle announced
07-SEP-2012 Con Suite donations may get you raffle tickets

27-AUG-2012 Added info on new guests: Gerald Driggers (added a few days ago) and Eric Flint (added today)

21-AUG-2012 Added list of dealers

19-AUG-2012 More new Guests added, see Con†Stellation Guests
19-AUG-2012 Announced Iron Fan contest
19-AUG-2012 Announced Kandyklasches

13-AUG-2012 Dealers Room tables are currently sold out, pending crossing the final "t"s
13-AUG-2012 Fiddled with formatting (CSS can be your friend—or enemy) to make subheadings more distinctive; we hope this makes the site easier to negotiate

10-AUG-2012 Finished restoring the T-Shirt Retrospective

06-AUG-2012 Began restoring the T-Shirt Retrospective
06-AUG-2012 Enabled workaround for problem creating thumbnail images; should make images in this wiki work more like folks are used to in other wikis (e.g., Wikipedia)

03-AUG-2012 Added Con†Stellation T-Shirts page, including info for pre-ordering shirts
03-AUG-2012 Added 2 new Guests, see Con†Stellation Guests

15-JUL-2012 Added PDF registration form on Con†Stellation Registration page

14-JUL-2012 Added paperwork for selling art on the Art Show page
14-JUL-2012 Updated hotel info—reserve your room Real Soon Now!

14-JUN-2012 Updated flyer version 1.5c, now two-sided

11-JUN-2012 Updated flyer version 1.5a, still one-sided

11-JUN-2012 Changed TOC on main page to float right so more substantive text will show toward top of the page

10-JUN-2012 Marc Gunn added to guest list, including bio & pic

01-MAY-2012 Melissa Gay bio & pic in place

21-APR-2012 Melissa Gay added as Artist Guest of Honor
21-APR-2012 Several Guests added, see Con†Stellation Guests

03-FEB-2012 New Con†Stellation wikified website goes "live" by setting the main page to redirect to the wiki site instead of the old site.

01-FEB-2012 Link to new Con†Stellation wiki site distributed to committee members for comment.

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