Who is NASFA?

Welcome to the home on the Internet for NASFA , the North Alabama Science Fiction Association. Founded in 1980, NASFA is a general-interest Science Fiction and Fantasy club headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama.

Next Meeting September 20th!

The September program of the North Alabama Science Fiction Association will be “Mitch Hunt on Using the Raspberry Pi credit-card sized computer.”. Party by Grim hosts. Bring food.

Want to Know More?

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For all inquiries you can send an e-mail , or write to:
P.O.Box 4857
Huntsville AL 35815-4857

Meeting Information

NASFA (USUALLY) meets on the third Saturday* of each month at the TBD meeting room, located inside the TBD The meeting program changes each month and can be anything from "Your Brain is a Quantum Computer" to a discussion with a local author or scientist. There is usually an after-the-meeting meeting with directions available at the program.

Meetings are open to the public. You do not have to be a dues-paying member to attend the Saturday meetings. All you need is an interest in Science-fiction, Fantasy, or related genres. A sense of humor, while not required, is recommended.

*Unless there is a large nearby convention being held that weekend -- in which case we often move the meeting to the second or fourth weekend.

Membership Information

Any science fiction or fantasy fan is eligible for membership. To become a subscribing NASFA member you must pay yearly dues of $25.00. As a subscribing member you will receive a monthly copy of our club 'zine, The Shuttle. Each additional family member of a subscribing member, over the age of 12 years, may pay yearly dues of $6.00 as part of a family membership. Only one copy of the Shuttle will be sent to each family.

NASFA History

NASFA was founded in Huntsville circa 1980 as a result of local fans meeting at a one-time convention named MidSouthCon, held in Huntsville that year. (Note: This convention is not directly related to the annual convention of the same name in Memphis Tennessee.) Club members quickly came up with the idea of starting their own sf convention. The first of these was a mini (1-day) con named ZerCon, in November 1981. While planning and executing ZerCon, the club came up with the name "Con*Stellation" (or "Con†Stellation") for a planned ongoing series of longer (3-day) conventions.

Read the Con*Stellation article on Wikipedia or this article for more information on the history of Alabama fandom.

NASFA Officers for 2013

  • President: Mary Lampert
  • Vice-President: Mike Kennedy
  • Secretary: Steve Sloan
  • Treasurer: Samuel A. Smith
  • Program Director(s): Judy Smith and Sue Thorn
  • Publicity Director: Dave Watson